Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oh St. Patricks Day.

Hurray for St. Patrick! A day to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland and your Irishness! Wait, that's not what people do? Oh right, St. Patrick's day is national "get smashed for no reason" day. When did university students need an excuses to get drunk anyway? I think it's a bit silly defiling a religious holiday for the sake of an excuse, but I guess it's the norm for religious holidays nowadays (Christmas, Easter, Valentines day anyone?). To keep in the spirit of things, here's how to make green beer!


  • Beer (go for a light one)
  • Green food coloring (3 drops)

Do you really need directions?


andew christian said...

LOL. No directions needed. Green beer is fun!

christmas trees in march said...

Thanks for recipe! Looking forward to the next St.Patrick's Day!

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