Friday, March 6, 2009

Links: Batcave Wine Cellar and TasteSpotting

Batcave Wine Cellar:
Architects are amazing these days, always revolutionizing every aspect of the house. In this case, it's the kitchen! I found this in an article at Dornob.

This cellar can be built anywhere in your home, as long as you can dig a hole. Walking down those stairs must be an experience. It saves space and it'll impress your neighbors; what more can you ask?


Another site I StumbleUpon'ed, this site has a grid of images of delicious looking food where you can sort by recipes, food, drinks, etc. It finds recipes from different sources, mainly blogs. It's a great way to find recipes since they always have a great looking picture. Sometimes it's better choosing a book by its cover.


bouncing on trampolines said...

Wow, this cellar is amazing.

Thanks for the link on taste spotting.

jane tramadol said...

That is the coolest wine cellar i have ever seen!

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