Sunday, February 1, 2009

Freezing Stuff: Herbs

Herbs are great to freeze because since they are seasonal, it's cheap to stock up and freeze for later use. Any herb can be frozen (from my experience), but they will lose their color and form; so you should not use it for garnish. If frozen fresh, they'll keep their flavor for a very long time (this site says leaves will keep for a year).

There are two simple ways to freeze herbs. The first way is to:
  • Clean and pat dry
  • Spread it evenly on a sheet and freeze
  • Put it in a container or zip-lock bag for easy storage
The second way is:
  • Clean herb
  • Chop or leave it whole
  • Put it in an ice tray with water and freeze

Personally, I freeze my herbs using the 2nd method (it's fun using cubes of herbs). When you need to use the herb, you can throw it in frozen. Try it the next time you see fresh herbs on sale! It's an extremely convenient way to get fresh herbs for your recipes without growing them yourself.


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